The Solicitors

Glynne Spilsbury LL.B (Hon)  - Senior Partner (SRA: 135709)

Mr Spilsbury has criminal litigation experience since 1973 and, since the establishment of G Spilsbury & Company in 1988, has had control of matters of the utmost seriousness including murder, attempted murder and all types of assault, sexual offence allegations of the greatest seriousness, including rape allegations etc., the most serious drug offences and proceeds of criminal applications, all forms of public order matters including riot and violent disorder, blackmail and serious allegations of dishonesty.

Working closely with Barristers in the Crown Court in whom there can be complete confidence.  There is no aspect of criminal litigation that cannot be undertaken.  Legal Aid is available and, where private work is undertaken, cost estimates will be provided and flexibility achieved.

Glynn also undertakes family law matters involving contact with children and divorce on a private basis as well as undertaking probate and estate work on a private basis - including contentious probate matters.

Glynne was educated at University College, Cardiff and the College of Law, Chester.

Stephen Samuel LL.B (Hon)  - Partner (SRA:-35512)

Mr Samuel is a Senior Litigator and a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL).  He has recovered millions of pounds in compensation for his clients involving very serious road traffic accidents and serious injury to far less serious whiplash injury accidents.

He deals with accidents, both at work and in the street.  The work is undertaken on a no-win-no-fee basis and there is no financial risk to the client.  Assessments are made quickly and, working closely with excellent personal injury Barristers and Consultants in the medical profession, a very high success rate is achieved.

Stephen also undertakes breach of contract matters and conveyancing work, seeking to achieve the minimum amount of delay in respect of conveyancing transactions.  Quotes are available for conveyancing matters.

Matrimonial work is undertaken on a private basis and both he and Glynne Spilsbury have had control of divorces which included very large assets including companies and high levels of income and capital. 

Stephen was educated at Swansea University and Cardiff University


Damien Jones LL.B (Hon)  - Associate Solicitor (SRA: 275767)

Mr Jones works primarily in the field of criminal defence work and works with the other Solicitors to ensure the correct approach is undertaken to individual files.  Working closely with the Barristers instructed, he has a wide range of experience in Crown Court matters of all types as well as Magistrates Court work.  As with the other Solicitors, Damien is a fully accredited Duty Solicitor attending Police Stations to advise individuals in custody and being interviewed by the police.  Damien deals with other matters of a general nature and has been involved in many of the types of work dealt with by Mr Spilsbury. 

Damien was educated at Swansea University and the University of Glamorgan.

There is no complete demarcation of legal work at G Spilsbury & Company, with all Solicitors reviewing the approaches and directions taken with different clients and this results in a wealth of experience being brought to each clients' file.